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Be you & we'll
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Your alarm goes off at 6am each day.  You grab your coffee to go and head out the door into the concrete jungle. You check your Facebook, your Instagram, your Twitter and more before you even get to the office.  You then spend the next 8 to 15 hours hunting through leads, wading through proposals, foraging through stacks of reports: managing your business.  You think about marketing and using social media, but you never do. 

You don't have time

and you don't have the staff to get it done  


We founded Wild Mango Media just for you! Because you have a story to tell and we believe that telling your story through social media is powerful and important. Your priorities of connecting with your audience through honest, interesting and, let's face it, likeable content on a variety of platforms become our priorities too.  You know that if your prospects and customers are connected and talking, then you become their trusted choice in your field, and when you're trusted, you're successful. 


So are you ready to take on the jungle? 


All you need to do is be you and we'll be social.  


about us

What we do

Between working for large corporations with in-house marketing teams and starting our own businesses with limited marketing budgets, we saw a need for a niche social media and marketing company.  An organization who could step in and fill the marketing gaps for small to medium-sized businesses. So began Wild Mango Media

We help small to medium sized businesses by using social media and print marketing to increase brand awareness, generate leads and to build sales. Wild Mango takes a personalized approach with our brands and their audience. 


We pride ourselves in the use of tailored content rather than relying on automation, believing that a brand's responsibility lies with creating a "people like us" community for their audience. All content is reviewed by our team before becoming a part of your social story. Our goal is to make your day to day operations less stressful while at the same time making them more impactful to your community.  


why social

Why marketing is vital to your brand

  • increases brand awareness

  • humanizes your brand

  • validates your brand

  • generates leads

  • boosts sales

  • sources content

  • manages your reputation

  • targets advertising

  • engages with your customers

  • provides added customer service & support

  • tracks competitors

  • partners with other businesses

  • improves organic search ranking


just for you

Our Services


Daily management of your social media profiles from the set up phase to creating and curating local content in order to engage and grow your audience.   



Ongoing listening and responding about your brand on all platforms, as well as promoting your brand on a variety of levels.  



Tailored digital marketing campaigns to help you reach a larger audience and build your brand. 

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Creation of a mobile friendly website that is both modern, sleek and user friendly to ensure guests stay longer while visiting your page. 



Professional quality photos of you, your products, or your location. Useful for your online profiles as well as print and digital advertising.

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A complete branding kit including logos, fonts, color palettes, and more to help your brand stand out from the rest. 

let's talk

Contact us for your free consultation about your brand
Your partnership with Wild Mango will begin with a free consultation so that our team can learn about your brand and your audience.  We will then create a personalized marketing strategy based upon your brand's story, your goals, and your budget. Once the partnership begins, the team at Wild Mango will work to ensure that the lines of communication are open and that we are constantly in alignment with your vision and your values. We make ourselves available to each and every client because we understand what it's like to get lost in the shuffle of automation and large organizations. We believe that people matter and we believe that your audience wants to be a part of something that puts people first. 

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