Reputation Management

Social media and the Web have given people the freedom to speak about almost anything online and share it with a variety of people. 


Wouldn't you like to know what they're saying?

Well now you can! Because we understand that your reputation is everything and so we listen.  Wild Mango takes the time to hear what your customers and prospects are saying about you: What stories they tell their friends, what complaints they may submit to customer service, what products or services they wish you had, and yes, even what they think you're doing right!  

Once we have listened, we will then join the conversation by responding in a timely manner to all mentions of your brand online, to all comments, and to all reviews.  We take time to have real conversations to cultivate your prospective leads and to nurture your existing fans, turning them into brand influencers. From our genuine interactions, not only will your audience trust and buy from you, but they will tell their friends about you and we all know that a friend's recommendation is as good as gold!